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Jump-in Scanlation Team
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Jump-in Scanlation Team

Jump-in Scanlation Team is started by Jump-in Fansubs, dedicating to Hey!Say!JUMP, created in March 2010.
We scanlates translations onto magazines consisting of Hey!Say!JUMP interviews and etc.

• No reposting of our scanlations
• No selling or trading, only for personal use
• Comments are greatly appreciated, and linking back would be ♥
• Please ask for permission if you need to use the translations/scanlations in any way.

The community has open membership,
so feel free to roam around and download your favourite articles.
There's a possibility that we'll lock the community if anyone breaks the rules.

We're recruiting staffs for the community @ the recruiting post.
To request, please check the Scanlation Index organized by Jump-in Fansubs as well to see if it've been translated.
If so, we'll only help in scanlation after permission is given by original translator.
Feel free to request @ the requesting post.

Please direct all enquiries to the rules & faq post,
Affiliates are welcomed as well, with comments at the same entry.
For more information on the Jump-in Scanlations, please visit Jump-in Fansubs' Fansub Wiki or Twitter.

☺ We are happy with you supporting us and please enjoy and support Hey!Say!Jump at your best ♥

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