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10 July 2010 @ 01:13 pm
scanlation index  
Current list that the team have completed doing the scanlations.
If your unable to open the link, it means you need to join the comm to access the post. This comm is open to join with ZERO membership requirements ~
Though we trust, you read the rules on our profile ;)
Updated as of 1st July 2010.

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credits gif: nipponrandogifs

Hey Say Jump
2008.05: Yamada, YYclub, Yabu Bomber
2008.08: Yamada Bomber
2008.09: YYclub
2008.10: YYclub
2009.02: Daiki, Chinen, Kei, Ryutaro, Yuto, Keito, Yuya, Yabu, Yamada, Hikaru
2009.05: Daiki X Yamada, Keito X Nakajima, Hikaru X Inoo, Yabu X Takaki
2009.09: Character Guide :Hikaru, Takaki, Yamada, Ryutaro, Yuto
2009.10: Chinen, Daiki, Takaki, Ryutaro, Yabu, Hikaru, Yuto, Yamada, Kei, Keito, YYClub, Yamadas
2010.01: Yabu, Yamada, Daiki, Keito, Hikaru, Takaki, Jump's Change, Big Chance Talk
2010.03: YYclub
2010.04: Daiki, Hikaru,
2010.05: Chinen, Yamada, Keito, Kei, Yuto, Takaki
2010.06: Yamada, Ryutaro, Inoo, Chinen, Yuto, YYclub, Chinen (in NYC), Morimoto Brothers, Yamadas, Keito
2010.07: Inoo, Hikaru, Chinen, Yuto, YYClub

Josei 7
2010.01: Sugoroku Game


2010.02: New Year Mail - Daiki, Keito, Yabu,
2010.04: Chinen, Kei, Yuto
2010.06: Kei, Yamada, Hey Say Map, Chinen, Yuto
2010.07: NYC: Chinen, Yamada, HS7 and HSB (Grp Talk)

2008.02: jakajakajump
2009.09: Yuto, Hikaru, Kei, Yamada, Keito
2010.03: Chinen, Yuto, Ryutaro, Keito, Yabu, Yamada
2010.04: Chinen, Yuto, Jyaka Jyaka Jump
2010.06: Crosstalks: Keito, Yuto, Yamada
2010.07: Kei, Yamada, Chinen, Yuto, Hikaru

2010.04: Yamada, Chinen

[2010.04.27 - 05.31]: 5Qns

2010.06.11: Chinen, Yuto, Ryutaro, Takaki, Hikaru

Wink Up

2010.03: Yamada, Keito, Hikaru, Ryutaro, Daiki, Chinen, Kei, Yuto, Takaki, Yabu
2010.04: Chinen, Yamada
2010.06: Crosstalks: ChinenXTakaki
2010.07: Crosstalks: Kei, Keito, Yuto, Hikaru, Daiki, Chinen and Yamada in NYC

Miscellaneous [Yuma W/B.I Shadow]
you can't miss yuma since yamada and chinen is in NYC ne ~


2010.05: Yuma, Hokuto


2010.06: Kento
2010.07: NYC:Yuma

2010.04: Yuma

2010.05: Yuma
2010.06: Yuma

2010.04: Yuma

Wink Up

2010.04: Yuma
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