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14 March 2010 @ 11:41 pm
Hello everyoneeeeee! *jumps around.
This should be the first for a hey!say!jump scanlation team, so yes, allow me to introduce!

Jump-in Scanlation Team (jumpinst), as obvious as it seems, is a community started by Jump-in Fansubs (jumpinfs), a hey!say!jump subbing community. We aim to provide both scanlations and subbed videos for jump fans, to reach a bigger range of pleasureeee! As all communities do, there are rules to follow here:

1. Please do not repost anything from the community without permission. There is a possibility that the translations do not belong to Jump-in Scanlations, therefore we need to abide by the translators' rules carefully as well.
2. Please do not claim our scanlations as your own, it's hard to produce one :(
3. All scanlations belong to Jump-in Scanlations, otherwise stated.
4. Comments are greatly appreciated♥
Simple rulesxzxz, yes.
If you have any questions or enquiries about the community, feel free to ask here!
More information/directory(?) on the community:

1. We accept requests here @ this entry, and will reply as soon as possible to your requests. :D To check if your requests have been translated, check the Scanlation Index. If it have been translated, we'll seek permission to progress with the scanlation and update you along.
2. For the full archive of our scanlation releases, head over to this entry.
3. We'll be updating our future releases and ongoing projects @ this post, so please check it often! :D
4. This is an open community, so membership will be closed. If any rules are broken, we'll discuss further on whether to lock the community to secure the translations.
Please follow the rules carefully, and enjoy roaming around our scanlations!♥